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Our Services

We offer three unique services, giving us three distinct channels through which we serve our customer base. These are:

» Tax Filing Service. (Our Primary Service)

• Instant Refunds
• Electronic Filing
• Direct Deposit
• Schedule C
• W-7 Forms / ITIN
• Insurance

» Auto Sales

*Our auto sales business is dictated by demand. For instance, a customer who files and receives a tax refund through our service may request assistance in buying a car. Such a client may be assisted in purchasing one at a fee. Contact us for more information on this.

Tax Filing Info & Prices

Tax forms are categorized to reflect the complexity of the tax record being prepared, therefore may vary from one case to another. The model presented below should give you a better understanding of our pricing structure.

(a) Less complex tax filings use a simple form known as 1040 EZ.
(b) Customers who itemize on their tax return and those who claim other credits use form 1040.
(c) Business filers mostly use Scheduled C which summarizes the income minus expenditure before transfering the difference to form 1040.
(d) Partnership usually use form k-1

Feel free to contact us for our most current filling fee quote.

Although our prices are subject to change, we will do our best to match and beat the competitor’s prices.

What to Bring

1. Personal Information
(a) Your Social security card
(b) Your spouse’s social security card
(c) Your current drivers license if you intend to apply bank products

2. Dependents and other people who may be included on your return
(a) Date of births and social security cards
(b) If attending childcare please, obtain childcare records especially tax id or ein or social security of the providers
(c) Form 8332 if eligible parent or person is releasing rights for you to claim a dependant.

3. Income information:
(a) W2s
(b) 1099
(c) Records of any income to be included on your tax return
(d) Records for the expenses incurred if self employed which include but not limited to check registers, credit card statements and receipts
(e) Assets acquired for use in business or for the sake of employer record. Include the basis of your asset and date place in service

Other Income:
• Unemployment compensation 1099g
• Gambling winnings less the losses
• Alimony received
• Jury duty records
• Hobby income and expenses
• Awards and prizes

4. Vehicle Information
(a) Total mileage driven and the record of the business mileage driven
(b) Toll charges, parking and
(c) If you are interested in claiming the actual amount spend on your vehicle expenses please include: receipts for gas, repairs, car washes, licenses and other necessary expenses related to business use of your vehicle.

5. Deductions
If your itemize deductions is higher than the standard deductions make sure to include the following:
1. form 1098 or other mortgage statements
2. State income taxes paid and also sales taxes
3. records for your charity donations cash and non cash
4. Medical expenses incurred which include mileage travelled, prescription expenses, doctors expenses and any other not covered by insurances
5. Expenses related to your investment
6. Employment related expenses

6. Credits
Your are entitle to some credit even if you did not generate a lot of income so please make sure you file your taxes. For record purposes if you attended school please provide the following in order to claim:
(a) Form 1098t and or 1098E provided by your educational institution or bank
(b) Other expenses incurred for books and supplies
(c) Note that room and board is considered income and can not be claimed as part of your education expenses




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