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9450 Skillman St. Suite 103
Dallas, TX 75243

444 hwy 67
Duncanville, TX 75137

3901 W Northgate Dr.
Irving, TX 75062


About Us

Jasho Yako Tax Service is a tax consulting and preparation business that helps individuals and businesses with their tax related matters. We offer tax filing services and auto sales.

Through these three channels we are able to serve our customers needs in a professional and keenly detailed way.

Keys to our Success

We take pride in what we do and we stand for the business values that uphold respect for the basic rights of our customers regardless of one's origin, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, or gender

We are easy to reach and if a customer calls, they will talk directly to the owner for easy and prompt response to issues that may arise.

Tax season is a seasonal business but our goal is to provide tax advice 365 days of the year. We achieve our goal by making sure that our office opens for business all year round. In the middle of the year when tax filing season is over, we make sure we are available to provide copies of tax records, answer concerns raised by customers and provide other pertinent services.

We believe in offering high quality services and our tax preparers do possess a great understanding of the tax codes and processes. This equips them with the necessary tools needed to serve you with confidence.

At our office we are confident that customers will find a reason to trust us and we diligently seek to offer excellent services.

We are committed to offering you a reliable tax service year after year. Our professional staff is well trained to consistently give you the highest level of service that you deserve.

Competitive Comparison

The Dallas area has in recent years seen an exponential increase in the number of registered tax preparers. For instance, in the 75243 zip code where Jasho Tax Service has one of its offices, there were 15,597 tax returns filed electronically with the IRS from 258 offices in 2010 tax filing season.

It is worth noting that this was a decrease of 14 % from 2009. Our firm had a 1% market share during that period. We are currently ranked 228, up from 418 the previous year -a 83.59% improvement.

Our growth in recent years can be attributed to our commitment to our core principles which prioritize customer satisfaction. It is our hope that our high standard of service will attract and retain new and returning clients for years to come!


Toyota Camry
$4 500.00



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